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Ancient Warriors

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Hello checking this now


  • Check hips skin weights, female gets weird deformations when walking/running
  • Little hole in the helet fur
  • Consider closing the skirt > avoid any hole, see-through.
    See images
    Let @ me know here when you are done :slight_smile:

Sure will do, Thank you. It might take a few days… is that ok?

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For sure! Take your time :slight_smile:

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hey, I was ready to submit the updated version, how can i send it to you

Hello @jaskeesingh !
You will need to update new files within the editor: go to your collection > find the little pencil icon, top right > click and update .glb files from there.
Let @ me know here when you are ready! :slight_smile:

i have updated the files

Hello @jaskeesingh

  • Max tris count for skin is 5000.
  • Check hips skin weights, female in particular gets weird deformations when walking/running: select all emissive vertices in the hips area, assign them full weight to the hips bone. (see below)
  • Close the skirt or paint underwear.
    Screen capture - ab09f9059d7633ebf4b007916b869c47 - Gyazo

hey is it ok If i can change and put another wearable here insted, i changed the name of the collection. and updated it into a viking for now.

Also i have questions please:

  1. How many wearables can I publish at one time within the $150? Can i publish multiple male and female in one go?

  2. Can i make 4 things like head, shoes, upper body, lower body separately and publish it all in one collection with $150 and have 5000 rare of each totaling 20000?

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Hello @jaskeesingh !
Much better! There are some holes, single sided areas that need to be fixed (see images)
Avoid holes and any see-through.

  • Add hides: tiara, helmet, hat, eyewear,earring, mask

To answer your question:
You can upload 2 .glb files in one single item for both representations (male/female)
You pay the mana fee per item, not per .glb.
You can include up to 50 items you in a single collection

Example: You can create a collection including 3 items with 6 different .glb (3 male/3 female) and you will pay $150 per 3.

understood. updated version coming soon this time

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wait did i understand you right?

So if i understand you right, in $150 i can make 60 mythic skins of 6 types (3 male, 3 female) under one collection?

lol @jaskeesingh not really.
1 wearable = 2 representations (male/female) = 150$.

equal to 10 male and 10 female right if its mythic?

equal to 10 male and 10 female if its mythic right? (total 20)?

What you mean is wearable rarity.
That represent the total wearable supply.
10 is 10 units. No matter is its worn by a female or a male character.
Mythic means the total supply for your wearable is 10. ( you can sell/distribuite it to max 10 addresses)

perfect ! and number of materials wasn’t mentioned on the website. what was that limit please?