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Amnesia Merch

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Amnesia Tee

Amnesia Pants

**Amnesia Pants 2 **

Amnesia Pants 3

Amnesia Glasses 1

Amnesia Hoodie

Amnesia Tee 2

Amnesia Tee 3

**Amnesia Glasses Black **

Hey @Saus
These items have not female representation, do you want to add it?

It seems this collection is having the same issues as previous ones. Please use reference models and try to keep hip vertices at the same position to avoid issues with other wearables. Also notice that you will need to upload different models for each representation.

Thanks you!

@vrglitch i just uploaded the female reps, can you confirm that there are still waist issues?

Hey @Saus , it seems you are using the same lower body model for both representations.
Please use reference models to match male and female intersection vertices.

Thank you!


Please try to follow the guidelines.

Before you get started, download the example files for reference meshes and textures.

Upper body, Lower body, and Feet

After downloading the example files, load the models into your 3D editor, like Blender.

You’ll notice that each model contains 7 different meshes related to an armature. These meshes represent the head, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, upper body, lower body and feet. You can use these example models as a reference and starting point for your own custom wearable.

Important: Do not modify the “cuts” or the “stitches” between categories (unless you want to create an unusual “floating head” effect or something similar).

You’ll also notice that each category has caps, making them “water tight”. These caps exist to prevent unsightly glitches if there are any animation clipping problems due to bad skin weighting. It’s best to leave these caps on.

@vrglitch updated, this should be good to go

Hey @Saus !

It seems some still have that issue. Please fix to get approved