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Relic Scroll

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The wearable is clipping with the majority of the upper bodies. Please reduce the materiales to 2 and textures to 2.

I would say in this case that is better if the wearable is attached to an upper body, that way i think you will not have issues with the skinning and clipping.

Please let me know, thanks!

Sorry for the delay, please check now.

Gentle bump, its been 19 days :]

Bump, going on two months :slight_smile:

@Sango Review please

@Sango, @shibu Can you take a look at this? It has been 2 months and we are waiting for it, it is the first wearable for @AnimeMetaHouse

Hey @DANi, @AnimeMetaHouse ! The wearable looks OK but you need to fix the thumbnail. The top head item, the papyrus needs to take more than 50% of the space of the thumbnail because is the main asset category.


Got it, Thank you :slight_smile: , will upload soon

Its been over a year lol…

Hey! I see a “will update soon” message but not a message that says the item was updated. If the wearable has been updated you have to let the curator know by tagging them here in which case is @Shibu