Collection 'AMEDEO x Exclusible' created by 0x765e...126b8 is ready for review!

AMEDEO x Exclusible

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Crypto Cameo Crown

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Hi, checking collection! :slight_smile:

Can you send confirmation of IP rights to this address please, thank you

Hi, add some thickness please :slight_smile:

Also, i recommend you to add “helmet” to hiding list, thank you!

Thank you for the feedback @theankou! Will fix these and let you know asap.

Hey @theankou, quick question. Since it’s still under review is there any chance of changing the rarity to common?

Thanks again :pray:

Hi, sorry, but change of rarity is not possible

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@theankou All other changes are done now :slight_smile:

Collection approved!

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@bubba nice work. Lets talk about the next one :slight_smile:

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