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AlUla Desert Polo Shirt

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AlUla Desert Polo Shirt

Hi! I will check this collection

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collection approved!

Hello, we made a fault with the wearable name and collection, is there any chance for us we can change it? @theankou
ideally we need to change them with the following: Richard Mille Desert Polo Shirt - would that be possible?

@theankou @collections

you can change wearable name, but collection name is not possible to change anymore

also you will need to provide IP rights for usage of Richard Mille name

Ok got it thanks! Given our tight deadline before distribution we will keep everything as it is, you can discard my push please. Just so I know for the next time, who do I need to send the IP right? And what is expected?

You will need to send IP rights to

I can’t revert your push btw, you will need to do it manually and push again, and then I’ll re-approve collection

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Clear thank you. I pushed to have the initial name: AlUla Desert Polo Shirt, is it fine for you to approve it?

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The collection has been assigned to theankou