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Alpha - 73x1d

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Will check these items now!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Boots - make sure vertices are merged
Shoes- make sure top area is only weighted to the leg bone.
Pants and Tops - Make sure the bottom part of the upper bodies and top part of the pants is only weighted to the hips bone without any influence from spine or upper leg bones.

@Yannakis Thanks for the feedback, I just reuploaded it

I hope it’s better like this!
when you talk about the weight just on the hips, are we talking about that?

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Correct! Are the files updated to be weighted like above?

Yep all items are changed. And the shoes too

Still the same issue with all upper bodies and pants. Make sure the part that was red in pic above is completely blue for all spine and upper leg bones.

Damn! I will check that… reassure me the shoes are good ?

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Correct! Shoes are good!

Cool for the shoes ! You are right, I have weight on legs part

I fix that and ping you

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@Yannakis I think there is another problem, because in the preview editor I find it weird, despite the weight

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Have u removed both spine and upper leg weighting from the connecting area?

Yep the weight is only on the hips

this is detail :



Spine 1

Spine 2

Here are the files you have on builder atm: spine and spine 1 bones
The bottom part should be completely blue for these and upper leg bone weighting should be completely removed

@Yannakis Ok i delete and restart export and I think it’s good now !!
Maybe export bug

Looks like there is still some upper leg weighting

I’m lost, I’ll see it tomorrow, I’ll probably ask for help on discord

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Add me on discord: yannakis and ill happily walk you through it!