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Boss Babe Black Suit

  • Description: Buttoned up Black Blazer and Pant Suit with Black Pumps
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: upper_body

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Before this gets approved I wanted to know how can I make sure that the bottom of the heels glows?

Hey, gonna review now, will show the heels, too.

Consider adding a male representation, or making it female only.

The heels:

Looks like there is a small inconsistency between avatar’s skin color and wearable’s skin color. Consider making all the wearable’s skin parts completely white on texture.


Hi AndreusAs, I wanted to ask is there a reason why I cannot see my wearable in the test net? also, is there a way to change the name of my collection?

The wearable atm is female only, if you choose male avatar as you active avatar, all female-only wearables disappear.

No, the collection name can’t be changed.

can i add to the collection?
can you show me where the discoloration is? Feet hands or chest?

The border between avatars head and the wearable has been marked on the screen. It’s very subtle, yes.

No, it’s not possible to add new items to the collection once it’s published.


Hey! I’m actually the creator of the wearable and I think it would be easier if we talked directly. I can’t figure out why the color is off, I have not touched the base skin texture at all. I thought maybe it was the way the chest of the upper body mesh lined up with the neck of the default head but it seems to line up fine. I’m at a loss for what to do to get this approved…

Any help is appreciated, thanks!