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Intelligence Hat

hi i will check this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi, thanks !! I hope it’s ok

Can you set the category to helmet and add hat to the hides list?

You will also need to either adjust it so not so many hair clips the model or add hair to the hides list and either leave without hair or add your own hair to the model

ok thanks !! ok thanks, it’s fixed

there no change on my end can you try push the update again

I uploaded another one with the correct model, in the editor it is correct

hi, I uploaded a new model, and made the hair hide, I inserted a kind of cap that collects the hair.
in this way anyone can wear it, without problems of interpenetration and without necessarily having a certain type of hair

hat will need to be added to wearable overrides

I’m sorry but I did not understand.

Ah ok !! i fixed

sorry, could you also add, “above head”, and “tiara” to the overrides list

ok !! i do
thanks for your patience !!

This collection has been approved

Thank you very much for your help and patience, I’m new to publishing assets, thanks again

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