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AI World Fair 2023 T-shirt

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AIWorldFair Rainbird T-Shirt

AIWorldFair Flippit T-Shirt

AIWorldFair Twin T-Shirt

AIWorldFair Sing T-Shirt

Hello! I will check collection now!

Wearables seems OK!
But you will need to send IP rights to

For now i received news about “Flippit” IP rights, waiting for news about IP rights for rest brands :sweat_smile:

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Hey. All the rights should be sent now. Let me know if there’s anything else you need. Thanks!

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Hi! Just checking in here. Is there anything else we need to get this collection apporved?

I’m waiting for news from legal @FrankyNeedles, for now there is no news from their side

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Thanks for the update.

@theankou @FrankyNeedles I am going to have to reach out to legal and copy in other folks from DCL and the organisers of the AI Fair. It has been 1 week since we submitted the T-Shirts and we need these today in order to complete the development on the World AI Fair.

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@FrankyNeedles @james collection approved!