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War Mask

Hey, will review now.

  1. The mask clips through almost all hairstyles of both male and female chararcters. Consider adding a fixed hairstyle as part of the wearable and updating the “Hides” category.

  2. Consider reducing the number of triangles to 500 (± 100).

  3. Make sure the model utilizes double-sided shader, atm it’s possible to see through it.

Otherwise it’s good to go.


Hey @AndreusAs , thanks for the feedback.

We’re working on these notes and will update asap.

One thought though, won’t adding hair to the asset further increase the polygon count?


It surely will :slight_smile: But as long as it hides the avatar’s hair, you will have some more polys to spare.

I would also suggest adding Hat and Helmet to the Hides category, too, because the mask, due to it’s design features, will surely interfere with most hats and helmets around there.


Hey @AndreusAs we updated the mask so that it hides the hair. I think it looks better now. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.


The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


Almost good to go, but don’t forget to make this surface double-sided - the see-throught issue on the screen looks really off at more than enough occasion.


Hey man, thanks for the oh so prompt response!

Here’s how the mask looks in blender, but I can’t seem to get the back-facing textures to show in DCL. Any pointers on a fix?


Hello @AndreusAs,

You think we should add and bake in a shell modifier on that surface? Is there a way to make the surface double-sided without adding more geometry? Can you help point me to it?

Unfortunately, there isn’t - it can be done by duplicating geometry only, shell sounds just right. The wearable atm hides enough other items to compensate for such a trick polycount-wise, but still, try to make as less additional polys, as you can. I mean, the forehead are probably doesn’t need to be duplicated, because is not vissible form the inside.


Hey @AndreusAs we have updated the mask and created the new polygon to hide the see through, so I think it looks better now. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.


Incredible! Collection has been approved!