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AF-Genesis Drop

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AF-Blue Origin

Hey, cool wearable!

Noticed one thing about the skinning. When i use the emote ‘’/emote headexplode’’ it looks a little weird because the hat is not skinned 100% to the head joint. It doesn’t reveal itself without using this emote because there is not much difference between the movements of the neck joint and head, but I would advise you to skin the hat entirely to the head joint.


Dear Chestnutbruze, since we are working on web DCL builder, we were not able to taste it there and we don’t know how to run commands other than those in the built-in menu… We will fix this issue as quickly as possible and post an update to the committee.
However, this error accidentally proved how strong our polygon textile tech is :)))
We might need your help again if we can’t fix the issue … Cheers

AF Team

Dear Chestnutbruze ,
The model is updated, please check if it works correctly.

Hey, looks good. Approved :+1:

amazing !! thank you !

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