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Aether Dwarf

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Aether Dwarf Beard


Hello everybody,

I hope you all like the Aether Dwarf Beard with tattoo :slight_smile:
The whole concepting, modeling, baking, retopology and texturing is made by myself. Please feel free to give feedback.
Tris: 1302
1Material, 2 Textures (512px power of two)

Happy to be part of this community <3

Have a nice day everyone,

I changed the thumbnail in the builder to this:
Hair compatible → Tattoo is hair compatible

Wow, I want that! Reminds me not only of dwarves, but also of Vikings

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Thank you @baumxyz <3
Ye truly! It is also a good Santa beard

Hey, great looking beard :pray:

Only issue is the thumbnail, it has some blue lines on the edges (bottom and left) is this intentional? in any case i think it should be removed so it is more consistent with other dcl wearable thumbnails

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Hey @Chestnutbruze ,

Thank you, I am glad and happy that you like it :slight_smile:
The blue lines on the edges (bottom and left) were first initial but I forgot to remove them. I just updated the thumbnail,they are now removed. :pray:
Can the transparent rim stay around characters?

After I reuploaded the thumbnail I saved it. Do I need to do something else afterwards for review? Just asking as I am a bit nervous if everything went well with the reupload of the thumbnail :slight_smile:

Have a nice Holiday @Chestnutbruze :snowman_with_snow:

No need, thumbnail looks good :+1: approving it now


Thank you so much! :smiley:
I really appreciate it Chestnutbruze<3

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isn’t the triangle count a bit exceeding the 500 mentioned in the guidelines?

Hello @PoldyMad , thank you for also checking. Facial Hair is not an accessorie in the documentation and can have 1500 tris :slight_smile: I thought so first too

Doh! If it’s not accessory, how is it classified???

Good evening @PolyMad PolyMad,
I refer to the documentation if that is okay:

The different **categories** are:

* **Body_shape:** Replaces the entire avatar’s body.
* **Hat:** Replaces the avatar’s hair. For hats that leave some hair exposed, it must be attached to the hair in the mesh to prevent the avatar from going bald whenever they put on their hat.
* **Helmet:** Overrides the avatar’s entire head, replacing both hair and facial_hair.
* **Hair:** Replaces an avatar’s hat.
* **Facial_hair:** facial hair won’t replace or override any other wearables.
* **Head:**
  * Mouth
  * Eyes
  * Eyebrows
* **Upper_body**
* **Lower_body**
* **Feet**

**There are also accessories that can be applied to different areas of an avatar. Some of these accessories can impact other wearables. The accessories are:**

* **Mask:** Replaces helmet, tiara, eye_wear and it will override facial_hair.
* **Eye_wear:** Replaces helmet and mask.
* **Earring:** Replaces helmet.
* **Tiara:** Replaces mask and helmet.
* **Top_head:** This is rendered on the top of an avatar’s hard. For example, an angel’s halo.
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Thank you, dude, didn’t noticed that!

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You’re welcome, glad I can help.

Hello @Chestnutbruze ,

I have added ‘& Tattoo’ to the name of the asset. I am sorry for the trouble. Could I ask you to approve the asset again please? :slight_smile:
Oh another question, when I want to change the price, does this needs to be approved too? I would like to do a discount the next days.

Have a good one into the new year everyone :tada:

Nice! Cool tattoos :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much @Legacy and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hello @Chestnutbruze , I hope I do not bother you for asking of approval. Is the subbmitted name change okay?