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AE Socks

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Hey, please adjust the height of the socks to avoid clipping issues.

Hey Yannakis! Im the creator of the wearable and im trying to specifically make some high socks and get them slim enough that they are under certain clothes. Clearly the skinny pants might not allow that but i will try to get them as slim to the leg as possible, and match the weight mapping to the skin. This is a 1 to 1 reproduction of an existing pair of socks, so im trying to get them as realistic as possible. Ill work on it some more but im hoping itll get approved higher than ankle heighth. Thanks!

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Hey @Yannakis ! Annie just uploaded the updated files, ive gotten it as close as i can before it starts clipping out the socks, they are pretty much skin tight. Ive ran test on all of the stock outfits:
For men, only the hip hop joggers overlap (1 out of 18)
For women, only the purple jeans and brown trowsers dont work (2 out of 18)

Im really hoping you can get this approved, there are many options for characters to style themselves without those 3 items listed above, and we can even add something in the description of “works well with shorts and baggy pants”

Let us know the best way to proceed. Thanks!

Hey @Yultek theres clipping with the legs now:

@Yannakis we’ve updated the files, let me know if those work, thank you~

Hey, is there also a feet mesh under the socks? If so please remove it because it looks like its causing a few clipping issues