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Adshares x Wolt

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Wolt backpack

Hello will check this now


  • Earring category tris limit is 500.
  • Please consider updating your item to “upperbody” category. Combine it with a custom upper body and use this category instead (1500 tris count limit)
  • Provide IP right usage for “Wolt” to
  • Update thumbnail: must be 1024 square with transparent background.

Let @ me know here when you are done :slight_smile:

Ok, we are improving the backpack.

Question about IP rights. In what form should it be? We wrote with this to the Wolt department we are working with and they don’t know how it should look like either.

A simple email requesting permission to use promotional materials and logos is enough?


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Hello !
Yes you will need any official document from Wolt stating this address creating the collection have full rights to use Wolt name and logo.

Ok, we have corrected the technical issues. Please check. As for the legal - we are working so that they send as soon as possible.


  • please add earring geometry and include it in at leeast 50% of thumbnail space
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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

@fabeeobreen ok, Wolt sent us IP Rights. I sent it to

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Hello !
IP documents approved!
Please add earring geometry to the wearable and include it into the thumbnail.
Let me know once you are ready! :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen I talked to the graphic designer and she says that everything has been updated. If it still does not fit then please describe what exactly we should change. We want the backpack to be part of the outfit - not the upper body.

If you want to use earring category:

  • Please add earring geometry to the wearable.
  • Include earring into the thumbnail for at least 50% of image space.
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@fabeeobreen ok - it’s already updated.

  • Right suspender has flipped normals, please fix it (see image)
  • Include earring into the thumbnail for at least 50% of image space.

Ok, updated. @fabeeobreen


  • All normals are flipped now, check it out
  • Earring is not shown in the thumbnail still
  • You can preview wearables in game by clicking on “see in world” from the editor

@fabeeobreen check it now :slight_smile:

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Hello !
Geometry is woking fine!

  • you need to create a custom thumbnail showing the earring in at least 50% of image space.
    This is your thubmnail right now:

I don’t really understand. I checked recommendations of other wearables and they don’t have such things in thumbnails :slight_smile: SUSHI BACKPACK EGG- TAMAGO - - Decentraland Marketplace

oh I forgot to tag you @fabeeobreen :slight_smile: