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AdShares x Uniqly

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AdShares Umbrella AF

AdShares Tee AF White

AdShares Hoodie AF White

AdShares Tee AF Black

AdShares Hoodie AF Black

AdShares Cap AF

gm gm committee! As always, Johnny from Uniqly here :slight_smile: Please tag me with the review

Hello will check this soon

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Hello @johnnyclock ! :slight_smile:
All good but some little fixes:

  • AdShares Umbrella AF : top head tris limit is 500, can you reduce triangle count on this one? And try to use 2 mat/ 2 texture
  • AdShares Hoodie AF White AND black: check head weights, there is a lace involved in head deformations (see image)

Everything else is good!
Let me know when you are done!

gm @fabeeobreen! thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

  • Hoodie models are fixed, they should be good
  • I’ve changed umbrella category to “hat” and made the “top head” hidden, hope that works for the tris limit. Btw, we did some top head wearables with 1500 tris, did the limit change?

Hope all is good now!

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello @johnnyclock

  • Hoodies are good!
  • Umbrella: Limits did not change, you have 500 (2mat /2 textures) tris for accessories (hat, top head, tiara, eyewear, earring, mask).
    You can keep 1500 tris (top head category) by hiding everything head related (helmet, hair, tiara)
    Another way: reduce a bit triangles (1000/1200) ; use 2 mat/2 texture ; use top-head ; hide (helmet, tiara, hat)

can I use the “hat” category and hide “top head”, “tiara” and “helmet”? will it do the work?

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Yes sounds good! @johnnyclock
Umbrella is not rigged to the head bone, but spine probably : is this intentional?
Flames are not double sided, do you want to make them visible from both side before approvation?

@fabeeobreen yes, all of those two things are intentional :slight_smile:


Collection is approved! @johnnyclock


Can’ wait to see it in my Collectibles :star_struck: