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Adam In Love

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Adam In Love Hoodie Black

In Love Hat Pink

In Love Dad Hat Black

Adam In Love T-Shirt Black

Adam In Love T-Shirt Pink

**Adam In Love Hoodie Lavender **

In Love Bathrobe


The Hundreds latest Valentine’s Day collection. Hoping to get it in the marketplace in time for Valentine’s Day!

Super excited for this Adam Bomb Squad V-Day collection to go live. Excited to sport the robe around DCL!


Love this collection! I do hope it makes it in time for Valentines!

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It’s not a want, it’s a need!!! Super stoked for this drop.

THIS! hahahaha Stoked too. Hoping it gets approved soon! :crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t3:

I really hope this drop will be available tonight when their IRL clothes drop.

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When will this collection be approved? Would love this for my avatar by Valentines Day!

I know there are a host of projects to review but we would so appreciate a curator taking a look at this collection.

Reviewing this now!

In the meantime. Please send documentation confirming that you have approval to use the IP from The Hundreds to

Thank you!

Hi @grimey Sending documentation now to legal with IP confirmation from the Hundreds. I’ll ping you right after it is sent. Thank you.

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Looks good! There are just a few small weight painting issues on the run animation. Check out the screenshots below.



For an easy way to troubleshoot this weight painting. I’d recommend downloading the basemale.glb from the github. You’ll find the run animation in the action editor inside this file -

1 more thing. Currently the pink shirts only have female representation and the black shirts male representation. Just flagging this incase you’d like to fix and make them wearable by both genders. But it is optional.


@grimey Thank you for the comments. Legal now has the IP confirmation documents and we will take a look at the run animation issues.

In regards to the shirts, this is the way that we want it with the Pink shirts for the ladies and the black shirts for the men.

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@grimey the shirts and the robe have been updated and all issues in the run animation have been resolved. Can you please check and see what you think?

@grimey btw just wanted to inform you that we think there might be a bug when trying to reload a male and female item after publishing. In the current DCL editor version it forces you to choose one or the other (male or female) when updating content. This may be a problem for other people moving forward and I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Thanks for the heads up!

This is now approved! Cheers!

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