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Accessories (ICE Poker)

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Gold Knife & Board

Gold Genesis Fedora

Gold Extendo Cig

Black Extendo Cig

Silver Chain

**Gold Chain **

Gold Gloves

Gold Drip Bag

Silver Drip Bag

Diamond Father Patch

Coin Father Patch

DG Coin Doll

Silver Knife & Board

DG Coin Umbrella

Gold Suitcase

Gold Baguette


Silver Spear

Diamond Umbrella

Silver Case

**Black Gloves **

Diamond Doll

Gold Spear

Black Genesis Fedora

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Will take a look at these now!

Hey, since there are no categories for most of these accessories and theyre published under earring category you should add a main asset (earring in this case) to go with each item and should be displayed on 50% of each thumbnail. Also please make the baguette bag double sided so its not transparent, bring the cases up so they don’t collide with floor and bring the knife&board a bit further so it doesnt collide with hands when running. Waiting for the changes to approve asap!

gotcha. would this still be the case if I were to use the tiara spot? I would use the top head spot but they would not be compatible with the ICE lines as some of the items use that spot. Ideally they can wear a full ICE fit and the correlating accessory

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Yeap would be same for all categories… There has to be a main asset that fits the category so its not misleading.

could I do a circle stud earring and then use it as the background of the thumbnail and then lay the main accessory on top of it? making earring big/50 of photo is going to be kinda…idk misleading as far as what I am trying to accomplish with the accessory

Also was this passed and are there plans to implement?

something like this

Unfortunately it has to cover at least 50% of the thumnail… use this as reference Collection 'Gold Drip Collection 1' created by TheGoldGuy is ready for review!

Just want to make sure that I am looking at the right photo. this one?


@Yannakis can you check these and see if they are sufficient

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Hey @Saus looks like there are some flipped normals on baguette and earrings. You also havent included any main assets to gloves, bags, drinks and all items that dont have a category to fit in…
Please reduce size of umbrella to to stay within size limit.

Also the suitcase still collides with floor

@Yannakis can I talk to you via DM to get this sorted? this project has cost me a week of dev time that needs to be spent on making ICE lines and bring more DAUs in to DCL. What is your discord

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Collection approved!

@Yannakis I’m interested to know how this worked out. Are we removing the necessity to have an actual earring on the earring slot? Are we expanding the capabilities of wearables slots to include things like gloves in the earring slot and removing the necessity to fill the thumbnail?

This is great news, I think a lot of people will be very happy about this announcement!

accidental deletion, sorry about that.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see we’re still stuck with putting the head armature to imply that earrings are present. Is there any news on that proposal Saus linked above?

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Have you checked the final wearables? They all include main assets. We just continued the discussion in the DMs to not spam the forums.

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@Yannakis updated hat hides, ty good ser !

This is now re-approved. Cheers!