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hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


  • Please reduce materials and texture number to 2
  • Clipping issue around hips both female/male, see image
  • Check the avatar skin mat, see image
    Let me @ know here when you are done :slight_smile:

We have made the necessary changes that you indicated to do so in this topic.
Now the mesh has two materials and two textures.
The wearable is now only avalible for male characters. Which means that the clipping issue is no longer visible since It can not be used by a female avatar.

Please let us know if anything else should be done with the asset.

Hello @cgozan

  • Check clipping and disconnection from lowerbody. You wan to stick the upper to the lower.
    (full weights hips vertex) Use “firstpump” animation to check this behaviour.
  • Check the skin mat: you want to apply the default AVskinMat to your wearable’s skin parts.
    Right now skin color is not paintable/matching with the rest of the body

For the materials;

I had to remove the skin texture so that we would be able to use another texture thas is used by the Bank Logo material. The resolution of the logo is so crucial for the company for which we have been developing the project.

We can fix the clipping and skinning issue for the wearable.

Can’t we just keep using with these materials in order to maintain the high resolution logo textures?

Hi there
I Am back againg.
But this time, I think I have fixed every single issue that you mentioned.
Please chack the item and let us know if it’s fixed or not.

Hello @cgozan !
Seems like you are trying to upload a second item (see image)

  • Right now the male is not avilable.
  • Female version is working fine
  • Skin issue fixed, good job.

Please tag @ me in the future update :slight_smile:

If you published your wearable as “Unisex” than you can’t add a second representation at this step.
If you publishes your wearables as Male + Female body: there’s a way to achieve what you need by first creating a male or female representation and then accessing the item detail page to create the counterpart using the context menu option like the following image shows (second image)

I made the changes as you explained on your last reply.
I have added the male version as a male representation of the female item.
Please check it out and let us know If it works well or not.
By the way, would you like to tell me how to delete an item from a collection as well?