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# Aardvark Avatars

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Rain Cloud

rain cloud pic2

Nice work!
Please reduce total height and try to get closer to the following height and width .

Max height and width = 2.42m (based on cube with a pivot in intersecting spine and spine 1)

Thank you!

Ok, we’ll work on it. Thanks for the feedback.

Just one question, does it have to be completely inside the yellow box in that first pic?

OK, I think I have this fixed. How do I resubmit that new file?

Again, thanks for the feedback.

I believe the new file has been properly uploaded. Thanks!

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Beautiful Design!!! I Love it!!!

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Great work! Collection approved.

Great, thank you! How do I get the thumbnail set up?

You can upload a custom thumbnail by clicking on it.

Keep in mind that needs to have transparent background and no more than 1024x1024

Ok did that. It’s ready to review. Will it update the thumbnail on the items already minted?

Yes! Should be updated.

this looks good, collection approved.