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a set of TangSuit

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Chinese Elegant Shoes

Tang-style Jacket

I will check collection now!

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Hello, shoes weight painting seems broken

Make sure to weight paint marked area to hip bone, to avoid overlaps with legs on different emotes

Thumbnails background should be empty (transparent)

Ok, thank you for pointing out the problem, I will correct it as soon as possible

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This is the first time I publish wearables,I haven’t found the answer to my question from the documents.
the question is: the status of collection and items in collection is"under review",and items can’t delete now,and I did’t find how to replace glb files and thumbnails,I would like to ask you: how to replace the existing glb and thumbnails file in items ?thank you

You can edit and update all published wearables in builder

Collection → Wearable → Edit

I have checked all the bones‘ weight on the shoe, Some of the issues that you previously pointed out have been resolved . However, I am truly puzzled by the shoe wear on leg problem. As I have limited experience in 3D modeling, I’m hoping to seek your guidance on what might be causing this issue? thank you

Hey @LuciusZhao
I think right shoe for some reason weight painted to bones of left shoe, this is usual issue. If you used weight paint symmetry, sometimes it works very bad with rigs imported from Decentraland or any other game (also symmetry works very bad if bones have wrong naming), make sure to manually check both shoes, they should have different weight paint vertex groups and they both should be weight painted to proper bones. Don’t use auto symmetry for weight painting.

鞋 (254.1 KB)
I probably didn’t use weight paint symmetry either (forgive me for being too inexperienced, I don’t even know how to do weight paint symmetry). I checked the weight of each bone on the shoe’s vertex group, and they all seems correct. I also watched the “Decentraland Wearable Creation” series videos on YouTube carefully, but I still don’t know what’s the reason of this problem. There’s no one around me who understands 3D modeling, and I really can’t find anyone to ask.I would be grateful for any guidance you can provide, I’ve attached the Blender file, and I’d appreciate it if you could take a look and tell me what’s causing one shoe to be worn on the leg while the other is normal (I used the same method for both shoes when painting the weights).
thank you very much

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Hey @LuciusZhao
I checked wearables once again the world, and now shoes works fine :slight_smile:

collection approved!