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A Night To Remember

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Formal Updo

Cocktail Dress & Shoes

Doki Doll Face V2


Hiya, this is my collection OvO
The Doki Doll Face holds 3 mats (one being skin, the other being hair) and 2 textures.
The Cocktail Dress & Shoes holds 2 mats, 2 textures.
The Formal Updo holds 1 mat and 1 texture.

Here’s a look at the wearables in game!


I swear doki will be a an Icon in DCL for the long run! never misses really innovating cant wait to see these in game :slight_smile:


Dogman you’re too kind ;w;
Thanks so much <3

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You know damn well ill be the first to preorder this! stunning. <3 beautiful job once again babe

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Thanks so much ;w; (It’s up on twitter already btw ;0)
I’m really glad you like it! OvO

I’m happy to check this Doki~

Sooo elwgant. You’re very talented. :slightly_smiling_face:

having a look at this the cocktail dress female is currently levitating off the ground. If you can center that to the world axis in your 3D program that should adjust this issue (make sure nex is ok tho when you make this change)

I noticed on the nails theres a slight clipping issue maybe or could be a reversed face with the nail colour. Maybe update this to be a solid?

Currently the foot/heel is separated and floating outside the dress. Maybe consider weighting the base of the dress to the heel or foot to avoid clipping when adding a heel.

As per female dress there seems to be an issue with nail colour and foot heel~


Let me know how you go and if you have any issues please feel free to reach out!
Thank you :pray:

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Will get this sorted soon, thanks Michi!

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Thanks Cheddar! <3 Appreciate it OvO

Hi Michi, I think this is sorted now! OvO

Sorry one last thing!
My shoes do seem to be levitating but the all transformations are applied and the origin point was in the correct place. I’ve pulled down the shoes a bit past the world grid and they still seem to be floating.

I checked with other shoes and it seems it’s universal.

Whaaaaaat! Actually the grey shoes strangely weren’t levitating from memory (I checked this a little while ago). If you want I can also have a look at 3D file and give some direction!

Hi Michi, they’re the same mesh, just a different texture so maybe it’s an armature thing? I’m happy to send you the file anyway if you’d like : )

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Really exceptional work @Doki ! I might not be the funniest committee member but at least you’ve made me the prettiest ~

All approved!

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Thank you Michi, looking very stunning there :joy:

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Accidentally changed this to head instead of helmet when I updated it! Changed it back ><

Hi @michi, just updated these as well to try to see if I can fix an ongoing clipping issue I have with a lot of other people’s glasses.

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

The collection has been assigned to michitodd