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8 Force grise

Heya checking this out now!

Cool shoes! It looks like these aren’t weighted correctly to the feet. You can see in the builder they’re floating off to the side. We also need to get the Materials down to 2 - which you’ll be able to do easily by utilizing textures. And get the triangle count to 1500.


Pouvez-vous me dire si les corrections sont ok ?

Merci d’avance

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Hey! Sorry there are still some things to fix!

  • The shoes are still disconnected from the rig. It looks like you’ve modelled it into the right position, but you’ll need to make sure its parented to the DCL armature.


  • The tri count needs to be reduced to around 1500 tris, and the material count down to 2.


I’d recommend watching this great tutorial by KJ on how to correctly set up feet wearables to work with the DCL armature.