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Emperor’s Golden Dragon Robe

Landscape Panorama Hat

Landscape Panorama Gown


hi i will review this now

could you reduce the size of the hat?

hi Sango,
Thank you for your review.
Actually, this is not a real hat, it’s a kind of canopy for shading the sunshine.
In ancient China, there were people holding a canopy behind the emperor and queen of the royal travel.
We call that is canopy(hua gai), this hat idea from the canopy.
Thanks. Can I keep this size?
Thank you.

if you could reduce the size of it a bit that would be great :slight_smile:

I reduced the size already. Thank you for your help. :grinning:

could you sort out the clipping on the back and elbows?

We updated! Thanks.

could you address the weight painting on the arms, the forearm bends when walking

hi Sango,
Thank you for your help.
the hand will be hidden in the gown when walking or idle if we don’t bend the arm.
Is there some good way to avoid this situation?
Thank you so much, is this the last issue?
how about the robe and hat? All they ok?

when running the weight paining makes the arm look like it has 3 bends in it, please test inworld and see for yourself

hi Sango,
Thank you for your reviwe.
I am not sure what is the weight painting. could you explain it or snap a screen to show me.
Thanks a lot.
I try to add your discord. please let me go through your discord. My dis name is Johny.
Thank you so much.

The designer explain it to me already. Thanks.
They are working on it now.

hi Sango,
We updated it. Please review it again.

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could you work on it a little more?

hi Sango,
We updated it. Thank you.

this collection has been approved thank you

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: