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3Dium x Charles & Keith

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** Koa Square Orange Shoulder Bag**

Alex Multicoloured Sandals

hello eill have a look at it today ! thanks

Hello the wearables look nice however the bag need to be changed and attached to a category that it represents in this case a tiara. so it will be needed to add a crown or head accessory to it

Hey @Lauretta - can you please elaborate your point? What needs to be done to have the handbag on it’s own as that’s all the brand wants to include? I have seen other bags in DCL without a crown so if you could specify - that would be much appreciated!

hello @Lod3D.eth due to the great variation in wearables a lot creators have used another categories to create other variant of wearables, this breaks the categories as such so in order to avoid that the wearable has to have the categorie represented and them add the new item. In this case for example the handbag could have been an upper body. In that way add the hand bag to that upper body.
In that case you will have far more triangles to recreate the hand bag and control that it doesnt clip with the rest of upper bodies.
In the case of tiara you will need to add a tiara to the design

Hey @Lauretta have added earrings in combination with the handbag. please let me know if all is okay now :slight_smile:

Cool will review it again today

thanks for the changes approved!