Can I edit item while my item is waiting to be approved

Hi all, I want to change only the rarity from epic to be common.

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Yes, open the builder editor, change the rarity and save. Once the item will be approved, you can’t change the rarity.


Ok, Thanks a lot bro.

@TailorMETA I’ve try to edit but it only allow me change model, category and override. the rarity can’t.

So sorry for the wrong information, I have an item waiting for approval and from the builder it allows me to change the rarity, I don’t know why you don’t have this feature available, sorry.

it’s fine, and I have to try again.

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Hey I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for approval how long does it usually take?

@Soupcrew Usually about 2-3 weeks. New committee members are arriving, so let’s hope the process speeds up!

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